Use TeamTab to

say when you're available

Team status at a glance

TeamTab showcases important information about your team members, whether they're available for a chat, in a meeting, out on the field, or simply busy.

TeamTab supports unlimited badges, office hours, multiple office locations, and can even show you what time it is for your remote colleagues (so you can avoid calling them at 3:45am their time!)

Say it with badges

Badges are the core of TeamTab's use. Every user can add badges to say when they'll be in the office, what they're working on or simply it they want to have a lunch buddy.


TeamTab is a web app that can be accessed with every recent web browser. You can also download a Mac app for your menubar or install TeamTab on your smartphone's home screen.

Perfect for distributed teams

Synchronizing distributed teams can be a hard task – and even more if you add multiple timezones. TeamTab makes it easy to know when your teammates are available for a chat, even if they're thousands of miles away.

Send Pingmojis

Pingmojis are one-emoji-only message you can send to a teammate within TeamTab. Say 'Hi!' in the morning, remind them about that email you sent them earlier – or maybe just about the fact that it's sushi time.


In, out, remote.

TeamTab focuses on synchronizing your team – and we'll let you choose how you want to communicate. By letting them know who's in the office, when, and which coworkers are available, TeamTab helps your teammates find a mutual time to collaborate and be more productive.

TeamTab is also a nice addition to the Office Manager toolkit – use TeamTab to know who's expecting a guest or a delivery, and send them a Pingmoji when they arrive!

Frequently Asked Questions

How is TeamTab different from Slack, Hipchat, or Workplace?

TeamTab is all about letting your team members know what each other is doing. While Slack and Workplace are great for text communication, TeamTab uses badges and Pingmojis for instant, simple, fast communication - think of it as as a Status Board for your team.

Does TeamTab store information like office hours?

TeamTab only stores information to display them. Once you remove them from your profile, they're deleted from TeamTab server. TeamTab is not, and never will be, a punch clock.

What information can I add to my badges?

Everything you'd like. From single-emoji badges, to badges with more text, you're in control. Enterprise-plan admins have the ability to create badge templates.

Is there a TeamTab mobile app?

While we offer Web apps and a Mac Desktop app, there's no native TeamTab mobile app for now. However, you can add TeamTab to your phone home's screen. Just head over to TeamTab App to get started.

Is TeamTab Free?

TeamTab comes in a Free, Pro, and Enterprise version. You can find more information on the Pricing page.

Do you provide support?

We're happy to provide 5/7 email support and a complete documentation. Start by checking our Help Center or contact us at if you need any help.