Update TeamTab

without leaving Slack.

Say "Hi" to TeamTab

Start by saying Hi (or Hello!) to the TeamTab bot, and link your TeamTab account to your Slack account. You're ready to chat with TeamTab in your own words – TeamTab understands natural language!

TeamTab Slack integration is in beta. Please help us improve our robot and send us feedback at support@teamtab.co
You must be a team admin and add TeamTab to get started – each of your user must have a TeamTab account and link their Slack account to TeamTab.

Add to Slack

Getting Started With Slack Integration

Say Hi first!

After an Admin adds TeamTab to the Slack team, every user needs to start a conversation with TeamTab bot (just say Hi, Hello, or even Bonjour!). TeamTab will then help them connect their Slack account to their existing TeamTab account. Please be sure that every Slack user has a TeamTab user first.

What can I say to TeamTab Slack bot?

TeamTab Slack bot supports office hours, availability status and default TaamTab badges such as "WFH", "BRB", "Guest today", etc. Just tell TeamTab the way you'd tell your coworker.
You can say "Please" and "Thanks" but a simple "in at 2" will still help TeamTab know you'll be in the office by 2PM.

Wow, natural language? Is that Artificial Intelligence?

We know, we're part of the cool kids 😎

Do you have more examples of what I can say to Teamtab?

Try I'm running late, Taking a break, Anyone wanna have lunch?, Working from home today or simply Yo, WFH. Going home at 5 or Coming in by 9 also works. Some cool features also include saying Working from the office, which will remove your WFH, Meeting out, Out on the field badges. Try it, we've included some surprises.

Do you have more integrations coming soon?

Yes, please stay tuned. Do you want an integration more than another? Ping us.

Can I check my coworker status within Slack?

Not for now. We recommend checking our Mac app or web app to see your teammate status. See Join your Team page.